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Rubber sole Shaft measures approximately Ankle centimeters from arch 100% VEGAN PU UPPER: Eco-friendly and in control, the comfortable lined inside to keep your feet cozy and warm, the breathable insole snuggles your feet to provide comfort in the movement. Buy these guilt-free, your purchase is making no dent in the environment PADDED COLLAR: STQ Combat Boots have Ultra-soft padded collar for a comfortable fit around the ankle, protect your feet and ankles from cold DURABLE BOTTOM: Combat boots have Rubber sole, cushioned footbed for comfort, non-slip for snow weather ZIP-UP CLOSURE: Zipper closure and Lace-up design fits for all pants and dress. Easy to put on and off FITS FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Pair these boots with any outfit from dusk until dawn! From jeans to dresses and skirts, these booties are a sure-fire way to top off any outfit

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July 23, 2019

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10 reviews for Women’s Combat Boots Lace up Ankle Booties

  1. DeCampfire

    These fit perfectly (even with my wool socks) and are very comfortable. At the time that I purchased them I had hurt my foot badly and was worried that the stiffness of them would be a problem. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and I was able to wear them to my interview and had several people comment on how great they look! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Teri Lynn

    I’m a very picky shoe shopper. It took me a week to decide on these boots as opposed to several other pairs that were almost identical. These boots are everything I wanted, right down to the detail in the sewing and decorative touches. I was especially surprised at how they needed absolutely no break-in period; the boots actually fit my feet absolutely perfectly, and my feet are pretty wide. On that note, they accommodate every foot shape; I wear a 7.5 in most shoes, but I probably could have gotten away with a size 7 if I had known how perfectly designed the bridges of the boots were. They are also incredibly comfortable; I wore them all day today on my college campus and at work, and when I took them off, I didn’t have that “feeling” of taking off your tight, uncomfortable shoes at the end of the day. If I could sleep in them, I probably would. The soles appear to be solid rubber, which allows for full shock absorption and makes it easy to walk in them all day long. I will likely purchase the other two colors available, just to have! I am seriously in love with these boots and will probably wear them until they literally fall off my feet. I could not have been happier with the quality and level of detail I received for such a low price. Before you even consider buying other boots, buy these first. You absolutely will not regret it.

  3. Pablo AguilarPablo Aguilar

    Me gustaron mucho 😊

  4. madelaine

    These are super cute boots. I tried them because of the reviews. The style is perfect! They are combat boots, but don’t look too aggressive or big. The color is fantastic! I choose the gray which is dark like gun metal gray. Love the color. They are comfortable. I had to get 8.5 instead of 8. The shape of the toe box is prefect. It’s not too narrow, not too wide. The boot looks feminine.I have no idea if these will last because, let’s be honest they are made of cheap materials. They don’t look cheap, but it’s still plastic. I wish these would be upgraded as far as materials (leather!) and the heal could be a half inch higher. The style/shape/fit is this good that it would be worth it. Versatile, good with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses! Glad I found them.

  5. JSmith

    This boot is cute and comfy and pretty easy to put on and take off although you do need to tie and untie them. I wore them with bootcut yoga pants with back pockets because that’s my go-to for pants and I did a site visit and they were supportive in the woods on uneven terrain. Clogs are not good for that and have no ankle support so I got these to replace my clogs in Vermont fall weather. I wanted something more for every day than hiking boots, like for minor woods walks and hiking, and I wanted it waterproof which I guess these are. The heel is low which is helpful for physical activity & site work. They’re not as sturdy as a workboot but are decent for crossover with meetings and errands and site work, which neither hiking boots nor clogs are good for there. Really it has to be a boot & I needed something that works with leggings and with bootcut pants. My tall boots don’t work with bootcut and you need a bit of ankle height for shoes to work best with leggings, I think. My engineer boots are a bit scrappy out of the field. Heels or fancy shoes may be an exception but clogs look weird with leggings. I always have heels in the car for that pinch formal/court appearance. But tall boots are annoying to take off and on and don’t crossover well to regular pants that aren’t skinny. I have ankle boots that are more for fashion but those have heels and feel unstable & silly for site work. It’s always a conundrum for me bc I’ll have meetings starting at 6am and going to midnight and I’m in the woods, then I’m in a board room, then I’m presenting at a hearing, then I’m in desk work, then running errands, and usually it’s hard to find one pair of shoes for everything. It gets even harder when winter comes and we’re digging out of 6 feet of snow followed by say a court appearance. Maybe it’s a rare conundrum for development attorneys residing in the tundra northeast but I don’t think so, I think women and footwear is always an issue because we DO & produce and create so much in the world & have to do it with both iron muscle and grace. Anyway these fit the bill for several buckets on my Tuesday schedule so that made me happy. I really only had to change shoes once for a late night public presentation where I had to wear a dress and I didn’t slip or fall when we were investigating a storm drain situation in the early morning.

  6. Tanya RosasTanya Rosas

    I wear a size 7 1/2 shoes but in boots I get a 8 fits perfect. Love them so comfortable.

  7. Msjessicaisback

    I did a lot of research before buying these and wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were these boots fashionable, but they were unbelievably comfortable. I didn’t have time to wear them in and took a risk taking them to Morocco and Spain where I did A LOT of walking on uneven surfaces in the middle of winter. They were VERY comfortable. Not a single blister or sore spot, which blew my mind. Best inexpensive shoe purchase ever. It should be noted that the zipper is decorative and not actually functional, making these “slip on” boots, but I had no trouble getting them on. They also fit true to size but they don’t have warm lining as I imagined they would, so wear wool socks if wearing them in cold weather. On the up side, because they’re not lined, I can likely wear these during mild Miami “winters” without my feet getting hot. Hope this helps!

  8. Meg TeemsMeg Teems

    Update:Well when you are wrong, you’re wrong. My initial thought of bad customer service was remedied when a representative reached out to me and offered to send a free pair of boots. I was surprised so asked for the same brown color when, in hindsight, I probably should have asked for a different color. The new boots seem to be the same as the old ones though the squeak is much less. Honestly, I’m just impressed they reached out to make it right. For the effort, they get 5 stars from me.Original review:So I actually do really like these boots. I got the brown ones and they are a beautiful, rich dark brown. There are 2 reasons for the 3 stars. The first, and major, reason why is because of the noise. Jesus take the wheel….these shoes make a racket. The leather is the squeakest thing I have ever heard. The leather tongue rubs against the sides of the boot which causes multiple squeak noises which happen while walking, while putting the boots on, while breathing. It’s just….wow. I have to apologize while walking by people and I never have to worry about startling someone because they can hear me walking towards them.I have tried a few things to remedy the squeak. I hoped maybe I could break them in and the squeaking would lessen. Nope. I’ve tried lotion. Nope. My next option is to buy some leather conditioner and hope that helps but at this point, my coworkers are getting use to it. No snake in the grass here. They hear my squeaky self miles away.The other noise complaint is the zipper is on the outside of the boot which does make taking it off the first time surprising. However, when you walk the….zipper handle…thing…clinks against the zipper part. So not only am I squeaking…I’m jingling as I do it.The reason for the 2nd star off is because of the customer service. Talk about a copy and paste system. I contacted them asking if they had any advice, maybe a certain type of leather conditioner that might help. Their response was “oops. Sorry you don’t like it. Here’s 40% off if you want to buy them again. Feel free to keep the original pair.” Like…thanks? So I get to keep the squeaky boots I paid for and then should buy another pair? Why? Just in case I want to see what the squeak is like in black? The customer service is bad.To conclude, they are noisy, the zipper is kind of janky and at first it doesn’t work well but with use it gets much easier. I am not mad about getting these boots though. They were $36 and even if I have to spend $10 on leather conditioner, they would still be under $50 which most boots like this are over that. I’ll see how they hold up and update if anything interesting happens.

  9. Beth Aide

    I purchased these boots for my trip to Ireland, and they did not disappoint! I put them on the morning of my trip, so I did not have a chance to truly break them in. I wore them for around 14+ hours a day, and they never once bothered my feet. These boots also provided more traction walking over the wet trail at the Cliffs of Moher than my aunt’s $90 Academy hiking shoes (she fell more than once). I never once had sore or wet feet. I highly recommend these for your trip, especially if you want to feel stylish.

  10. ScarletScarlet

    I’m shocked. These are probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! This was my first time buying shoes off of Amazon. I’m very skeptical when it comes to buying shoes off of any online site, but these were perfectly true to size! I’m an 8 1/2, but can never seem to find that size. These are perfect. I’ve worn them for long hours and still found them comfortable the entire time. They’re so cute, and I get compliments all the time on them! I’ve also worn them out in inclement weather, so they do seem to be decently water-proof. Overall, I highly recommend these!

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