Cold Weather Stretch Gloves with Warm Fleece Lining

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100% Spandex Pull On closure Machine Wash STAY WARM: Soft stretch fleece lining provides a custom fit with superior warmth during the winter season. Perfect for your active life, these gloves are warm but lightweight, while being stylish and comfortable STAY ACTIVE: Classic spandex stretch gloves for maximum flexibility and movement.  Vegan leather patches on the palm, thumb, pointer and middle fingers to help grip your phone, pick up something in the store or hold on to the steering wheel while driving. STAY DRY: Our signature stretch fabric is specially treated to repel snow and rain so your hands stay dry CHIC LOOK: Sleek and classically styled gloves feature an all black design with chic detailing. Spandex stretch perfectly contour to your hands for a beautiful look MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine washable and easy to clean. Crafted out of long lasting materials, these gloves can be cleaned to help decrease the spread of germs and keep them feeling brand new. For best results, machine wash in cold water and air dry.

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Creator of wearable moments for over 100 years.

We create products that revolutionize comfort and make fashion effortless. We have set out to change the mindset from living in hurried tasks to fully enjoying the present.

Rooted firmly in our French Heritage, we believe in indulging in every moment. This is a flag we’ve been waving since isotoner was launched. Where a sensational fit that caressed the skin was combined with a sleek design!

Isotoner Women’s Spandex Cold Weather Stretch Gloves

Warm Fleece Lining With Faux Vegan Leather Grip Patches

Keep warm without compromising your style with isotoner Women’s Spandex Gloves with Fleece Lining. These stretchable gloves incorporate spandex that perfectly contour to your hands for a custom fit and superior flexibility. Fleece lining wraps your hands in supreme warmth while the Faux leather patches help with grip.

  • Soft stretch fleece lining provides a superior warmth.
  • Contoured spandex stretch gloves for flexibility and movement.
  • Faux Leather patches on the palm, thumb, pointer and middle fingers.
  • Sleek and classically styled glove with an all black design.
  • Machine washable to decrease the spread of germs.

Isotoner Women’s Spandex Gloves Features

fleece. fleece lining, black, gloves, isotonerfleece. fleece lining, black, gloves, isotoner



Fleece Lining

STAY WARM: Soft stretch fleece lining provides a custom fit with superior warmth during the winter season.

Spandex Stretch

STAY ACTIVE: Classic contoured spandex stretch gloves for maximum flexibility and movement.

Palm Grip

GRIP: Includes faux leather patches on the palm, thumb, pointer and middle fingers to easily grip a phone or help while driving.

isotoner gloves

isotoner glove

isotoner gloves

isotoner glove

isotoner glove

isotoner Women’s Spandex Cold Weather Stretch Gloves with Warm Fleece Lining

isotoner Women’s Spandex Shortie Gloves

isotoner Women’s Spandex Gloves

isotoner Women’s Classic Stretch Leather Touchscreen Cold Weather Gloves

isotoner Women’s Stretch Fleece Gloves with Microluxe and Smart Touch Technology
Materials Spandex Spandex Spandex Leather / Spandex Fleece
Fleece Lining

Faux Leather Grip Patches

SmarTouch (Touch screen enabled)

SmartDri (Superior water repellent)

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September 24, 2018

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Totes Women's Accessories

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#6 in Women's Cold Weather Gloves

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10 reviews for Cold Weather Stretch Gloves with Warm Fleece Lining

  1. Sheila C.

    I have worn Isotoner gloves for 35 years! I have had a few different pairs of gloves as gifts. But nothing compares to the ones I have that are 15 yrs old. Last year I lost one of them and after looking everywhere I dicided to wait till this year to purchase. So when I seen that the pointer finger works with cell phones and IPads without taking your glove off to answer or dial I just had to get 2 pair just in case I lost one again. thanks for my amazing gloves once again!

  2. Louan K. Wigton

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these gloves. I had a pair for over 8 years but when I needed them this past week when the temp never got above freezing I could only find one glove. I had to defrost my outside front faucet and then install drip hoses to both back and front outside faucets. After I finished this very cold chore I went to my computer and the above was the best price and the fastest shipping around. They arrived yesterday and were exactly like my old pair. The only difference was the price as I paid over $30 for the original pair.

  3. PJ Walsh

    I bought a pair of these gloves several years ago and have worn them every winter since. I bought this pair to replace the old pair which are showing some noticable signs of wear—–I will probably keep the old pair in my car for “just in case”. Even though these gloves are a bit pricing, they are totally worth the price charged. I have a couple of pairs of real leather gloves but I prefer these because they fit better than leather gloves and they aren’t bulky while still being relatively warm, nice looking and certainly long lasting. The finger feature for ease in texting isn’t something I use but I’m sure it would be nice for those who do. I would absolutely recommend these gloves.

  4. Mary L. Kowalski

    They are SOOOOOO comfy, and fit sooooo well. They cling to your hand like saran wrap; they keep your hands warm like mink. No bulky over stretched fingers; no bulky thick things that you can’t feel what you’re holding. LADIES — THESE are PERFECT gloves for us. You WILL NOT regret getting a pair OR TWO.

  5. Kessiah

    I order these gloves every year. They fit like a glove (pun intended). Really, they conform to your hands and are warm and toasty for normal cold weather activities. They are fine for dusting the snow off your car but for heavy snow shoveling, you’ll need more waterproof gloves. They make nice gifts.

  6. Cornibus

    They are as advertised, warm, comfy, and soft. I wore them on a snowy night and they kept my hands warm, I actually did not want to take them off when I got home. The only thing that is a little wonky is, the thumbs are too long for both gloves. This is only a minor inconvenience because it’s a little distracting the first time you put them on, but you get used to it, until you have to pick something up and remember that your thumb is somewhere in there and not as long as the gloves make them out to be.

  7. jennifer

    These gloves are warm and wonderful. They have the iconic snug feeling of Isotoner gloves, which I love. It is MINUS 7 degrees here in Chicago, so I took my little gloved hands outside to see how long I would last before my fingers fell off. Of course, these gloves are not designed for sub-zero temps, but my fingers are still attached. ( my nose is wiggling tho) These are driving gloves, not snowman-making gloves, but I love them and I have loved them for years. If I didn’t keep losing gloves, I wouldn’t have to buy them so often. I think the missing gloves disappear to the same place as all the missing socks-somewhere in the outer universe-where they all party together forever.

  8. Peggy B

    I bought this pair of gloves two years ago, and promptly lost one of them. Last year, I bought a different style, but they just weren’t the same.Because I loved the gloves so much, I hung onto the remaining glove, just hoping it’s mate would show. That didn’t happen, but I noticed the style number on the (rather itchy) tag inside. So, I ordered another pair. I’m SO happy I did.The lining is warm, the stretchy fabric allows full movement: I can get my fingers all the way down to the tips. I can grasp and make a fist and the gloves move with me unlike full-leather gloves that pail in comparison.They are attractive, too – I wear them as my everyday gloves, whether to work, running errands, or a night out in the cold. They aren’t bulky either, so they tuck into my coat pockets without causing a lot of bulk.I love these gloves so much, I’m thinking of buying a back-up pair.

  9. Ana DeicyAna Deicy

    At first, I was looking for a smart touch pair of gloves, but ended up getting these & let me tell you I don’t regret it! I loved these gloves as soon as I saw them, they look just like the picture and they fit great! 3 thing I love!• VERY warm in the inside• Black goes good with everything, but these fit very well that looks good for work too! :)• they’re very comfortable, I’m not cold anymore, compared to the gloves you will find at local stores that are only cloth! no air goes it and it’s long on the wrist so it’s great!!Will buy more if I end up loosing these.. (happens every time I put winter clothes away)

  10. Megan

    These gloves are outstanding! I am convinced you cannot beat Isotoner. And I got these at such an unbelievable price! First the size would work for so many. I have quite large hands and they work beautifully. But the fabric is such that they would be perfect for a smaller hand as well. There is nothing thin or flimsy about these gloves; they scream quality. It conforms to the hand – a perfect amount of spandex. They are designed to be a smooth fit and they certainly are. There isn’t any bulkiness at the fingertips (that drives me nuts). The fleece lining is not bulky either. There is enough in the lining to keep your hands warm when it’s cold but breathes so beautifully, they can be used for any day wear. I wanted a smooth glove for cooler weather, yes but also for protection as I have psoriasis and prefer wear a smooth, form fitting and soft glove so I can protect my hand from injury and conceal the flair up. These are perfect for that as well. The only situation I could imagine where these wouldn’t be a good pick is if you really want a loose fitting or poofy glove. These are gorgeous and after looking at gloves on Amazon for a week, I know I couldn’t have picked a better pair. Clearly, you can see that I highly recommend these. Thank you Isotoner.

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