We Are Helping Women Sell Globally

Unfortunately, the online giant stores have become more complicated than ever. This has become a challenge for independent businesses like yourself. This challenge increases for businesses in most of the under developed countries, it’s impossible to reach international markets.

Here at Femme & Co our system is strategically designed to have that global reach for women in business around the world to present their products to the international market. Femme & Co steps helps you to reach hundreds of millions of new customers.

It’s a simple procedure:
  1. Register at Femme & Co as a Vendor from any part of the world.
  2. Attend our free session online before initiating your journey.
  3. Take good images, describe your products based on our guideline (see guideline for details)
  4. Place the products (See product placing instruction for details).
  5. We do extensive marketing but we recommend you also do your own marketing for your store on different social media platforms
  6. When your product is sold online, you can ship it using your national shipping system.
  7. Or set up your store with our logistics system and we do all the work for you, click HERE to ask us how.
  8. As soon as your customer receives your products we receive a confirmation.
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