PowHerful Conference

Welcome to PowHERful, an annual Conference connecting female experts, professionals and entrepreneurs to opportunities held in the Month of September.

What will you gain by attending PowHERful? You’ll:

  • Awaken the woman you really want to become
  • Create unstoppable results
  • Eliminate imposter syndrome
  • Lean into courage
  • Stop sitting on the sideline

Discover your purpose and attain your goal. Our speakers will inspire and empower you along with other women who have done what you’re looking to do.

Get in the Room sis! Our Networking party will have you hobnobbing with industry leaders, network with other women, build personal and business relationships, make connections, secure collaboration, we are bringing the table and the people to the table, now you go do what only you do best. We are rooting for you. Go get it!


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