Who We Are

We are female entrepreneurs and experts. We understand the full spectrum of being an entrepreneur, we are aware of the challenges companies and organizations face in attempting to find the right experts, keeping shareholders happy, driving revenue, building Boldly, adhering to regulatory guidelines, staying on top of the everyday changes in the market while creating diversity and inclusion and driving growth.

We also recognize that while many women may not come from a corporate background, they are still the experts of their stories, lived experience and the personal knowledge they have developed. This untapped potential poses as a win-win for women and corporations.




Our Story

After a year of running Femme & Co came covid-19 we’ve seen a steady number of professional women resorted to entrepreneurship and according to a Bloomberg report, women are still the driving force of post covid 19 entrepreneurships. So many Professional women are building businesses but are barely able to sustain themselves.

We intend to narrow the gap by leveraging the skills of professional who’ve left the corporate world with a wealth knowledge and expertise. Our business is to bring opportunities to women and organization that is mutually beneficial. We believe financially strong women make a financially strong economy.

Our Mission

We created Femme & Co to give Women Experts/Entrepreneurs the space to unleash their limitless potentially global through partnerships in corporations.

Male-owned businesses have annual revenues that are double that of their female counterparts in the US and 58% more than their female counterpart in Canada, we intend to change that.



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